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Nothing Registers

Web Of The World

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He's got a Youtube channel, subscriber count insane

Legions of fan boys hang on every frame

Preying on feelings of adolescent shame

Promising help or a scapegoat to blame

Bookmark this page for more misguided rage


Drop another video, log another like

Watch the algorithmic engagement spike

The rich and connected rank first in the search

The disenfranchised lag behind in the lurch

So much for the promise of a democratic web

You're a blip in the algo or an internet celeb

It's all in a day for the content generation

The masters of AI machine manipulation

For this is the way we have corrupted creation

It's all in a day, it's all in a day...

She's got an Instagram page, a borrowed lifestyle

Fist full of receipts and a photoshopped smile

But she don't care, she's determined to win

That dead end town can all watch her cash in

Click on those links for god-level high jinks



Under watchful gaze of these internet vultures

Scavenging conflict, dismembering cultures

Black sunken eyes cemented to our screens

Frozen stiff in the glow of their tractor beams


Nothing registers, nothing siphons off the flow

In the clutches of big tech

And its big tech bro

Hypnotized by the digital disguise

Warm and friendly, you would never suspect

Undulating tentacles beckon to connect

What did they do with five billion connections?

Siphoned our data, perverted elections

Power and fame breeds mischievous boys

Who fancy the world and its people their toys


Nothing registers, nothing shakes us from the spell

In the clutches of big tech

Straight out of Orwell

Hypnotized by the digital disguise

Sharing so much we will come to regret

Fighting with an entity that will not forget


The answer keeps kicking us right in the face

Like a kid who moves out and gets their own place

We could each have a site and connect on our own

You know, until then big brother won't leave us alone



(Partly inspired by the story of Ettore Majorana)

I can see the world is waiting

Waiting for a moment in time

For fresh pair of eyes to lift the disguise

And untangle the web of the world

It's all underneath the cross-talk

Truths overlooked in the back and forth

If only some voice could spearhead a choice

To untangle the web of the world


Far into the crowd melts a fugitive genius

The answers are in there with no way to reach us

He keeps on talking but only to himself

He keeps on walking but for his mental health

The answers of our time carried deep in his eyes

And a gentleman's smile

And buried in the chaos of a million distractions 

We'll be waiting awhile, we'll be waiting awhile 

To the darkness bends the sunlight

Illumination crouching low

Buying its time 'til it stiffens in spine

And bedazzles the web of the world

There are words in hiding from us

Could bring the Universe in focus

Sermons unspoken, if spells could be broken,

That entangle the web of the world



Bracing for the pounce, for the traps to trip

Spring loaded with wonder like a frozen force of Nature

Waiting for the sun, for darkness to thaw

Just to feel the arrow plunge a thousand years thereafter

And to watch the darkness thaw...

When everything ignites, every mind on fire

With all the knowledge pressure-packed, facing down the Ages

Targeting a line at some point in Time

Far beyond our mortal cells could ever hope to journey

             And to see the arrow fly...


And buried in the scribble of a clutter of papers

We'll be waiting awhile, we'll be waiting awhile

To untangle the web of the world...


Logging on and logging in

Your favorite soapbox for your vanities

When all at once you're treated to

Another onslaught of disparities

Here we click and there we clash

Combating storms of new conspiracies

She's a groomer, he's a fash

Is there no end to these rivalries?


Clicking around in a click & clash world

Crawling with conspiracy theories

  Another domain for hosting your pain

Streaming in the latest new series

Triggering nerves in a click & clash world

Mass targeting the weakest of links

Frustrated gamer, cringe echo chamber

Not caring what else anyone thinks

Trolling up and trolling down

Another day trading in expletives

Where foreign assets fan flame wars

And secret click farms sow false narratives

Here we click and there we clash

Caught in a web of animosities

Spinning zones for apps on phones

Planning platforms for atrocities


Clicking around in a click and clash world

And finding out the hard way


Climate nears tipping point, alarming signs

Ex-president implicated in multiple crimes

Official in custody for espionage

Mass casualties mount after deadly barrage

No motive in shooting, state authorities say

Iconic world leader passes sadly away

Transphobic graffiti targets local store

High school under lock down click here for more


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FBI investigating online threats

A rash of violent teens target homeless vets

Experts in explosives diffuse homemade bomb

Pranksters cause a panic over intercom

Scientists warning of a new outbreak

Oil spill contaminates an inland lake

Gunman targets restaurant in fit of rage

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Surrender to the impulse you cannot ignore

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A mesmerizing blur of headlines and hyperlinks

Guaranteed to trigger the trolls and the stans

It's a fool-proof racket the less the user thinks


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